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Installation by qualified engineer
Comprehensive backups
Bulk data seed
Bulk data restore
All plug-ins for databases included
24/7 support line
Monitored reports
Email support
Remote assistance
Free Local onsite backups
Onsite assistance

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A Premium Disaster Recovery Solution

This is the Gigasoft premium product offering the client the highest level of data protection and services; it comes with all the rock solid reliability of the GigaBackup account along with Gigasoft Gold support giving you complete peace of mind in the knowledge that your disaster recovery is all taken care of and releasing you to get on with what you do best.

Gold support includes..

* Support is available 24/7 either by phone or email
* Bulk data transfer either seeding or restoring
* Remote assistance with our skilled qualified technicians
* Remote access to your systems to monitor and fix any errors no client involvement necessary
* Onsite assistance with data recovery in the event of a disaster
* Gigasoft support team monitors your email reports

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Cost effective Data Backup and complete Disaster Recovery

We can put your mind at rest with our top class service at an entry level price. UK Data Centre and our ISO27001 data protection accreditation means that we are serious about keeping you in business.