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Backup Solutions: How It Works

Remote Data Backup

After installation of the software by one of our qualified engineers you select the files and directories that you wish to backup. After encryption and compression a full offsite back-up will be made from the selected files. These files are sent to the Gigasoft offsite servers for safe storage through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection.

From that moment on, a daily incremental backup will be made of all new and changed files. This is at a time of the day determined by yourself to ensure that there’s always a copy of your data available for your restore.

System requirements

What you need to use our remote data backup services:

Preferably a broadband internet connection. 106 MB free space on your hard disk. 128 MB memory.

The Gigasoft network ensures the highest possible back-up performance and the highest availability.

Our data centre and storage infrastructure has full redundancy built in. We have a fully loaded and balanced network capable of receiving data at over 200mbs.

Gigasoft OBM Backup Supports the following systems Windows, Linux, Solaris, Novell, OS X and Java. Click here for further information


Backup schemes can be amended upon request.

All data is encrypted and compressed automatically localy before it is sent via the internet to our data centre. Our data centre only contains encrypted files that can only be accessed with your encyption key.

Only changes of data or new files are transferred to the server as a result of using incremental backups. MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases are supported . MS Exchange server and Lotus Notes are also supported.