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Advantages of a Secure Data Backup Service

Some of the advantages over other outdated backup methods. Gigasoft is the superior replacement for tape, cd, zip or memory stick backup.

  • Centralised
    Backup all your mission critical data from multiple sites and all your Servers/ Laptops/Computers to a single backup account.
  • Low Cost
    No need to buy backup hardware, tape storage or earmark valuable office space for a DR centre. The backup software is completely free.
  • Control A single point of administration for all your data backups.
  • Web Admin
    Easily administrate all your backups from a single web portal from any location in the world.
  • Multifunctional
    The software comes with all the plug-ins, there is nothing it won’t backup.
  • Assistance Installation is free by our highly qualified technicians.
  • Reporting Notification by email after each backup has taken place
  • Secure in the UK Your data is stored in an encrypted state in a UK secure data centre.
  • Well Supported
    24/7 with qualified backup engineers.
  • Simple Restoring data is point and click, free and simple to use.
  • ISO Registered Gigasoft is ISO27001 data security and protection accredited.
  • Free local backups
    The choice to backup online and offsite to the Gigasoft data centre and / or anywhere on your local network using the same software.
  • Encrypted Your data is encrypted locally to military grade standards and only you have the encryption key.
  • Unlimited Storage Unlimited data storage available for your growing needs.
  • Automatic Backups are scheduled automatically to run, no human intervention needed, or human errors.