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Protect your clients

At Gigasoft we understand the importance of protecting data, we offer a secure online backup solution specifically for businesses and schools that need to store their valuable data offsite at reasonable rates. Cost is usually a predominant factor and with this in mind we have formulated a very cost effective solution, enabling your clients to have a comprehensive enterprise level disaster recovery solution in place for the minimum of expense and effort.

Extra monthly revenue created easily

It is very easy to generate extra revenue every month, If your client is currently using an outdated time consuming tape or disc backup solution all you need do is recommend Gigasoft as an alternative data backup solution, we will do the rest, we will even assist you with the marketing and brand it for your company. All you have to do is sit back and take the generous commission.

Why recommend Gigasoft

As an IT support company you want to be able to help your clients in their darkest hour. Following a disaster you will become a superhero, being able to get your clients back up and running quickly & efficiently keeping their stress & loss of earnings to a minimum.

Keep your clients data safe. Keep it online.

Interested? Then email us for a detailed reseller proposal