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Educational Backup Services


Are you looking for confidential educational backup services? Look no further, welcome to Gigasoft. When our company was founded over a decade ago our initial target audience was the education sector. This is where our expertise lie and with a complete understanding of the schools budgets, procedures and red tape we soon became very popular with their IT networks managers.


There are so many benefits to our educational backup services and thanks to our many years of experience these services keep getting better and you now have more variety than ever when it comes to finding the perfect backup solution for you. Some of our most frequently used benefits are our free local backups and web admin. You can now backup online and offsite to the Gigasoft data centre and or anywhere on your local network using the same software and also easily administrate your backups from a single web portal from any location in the world. It is our aim to continue to make our education backup services as easy and useful as possible for our clients. 


Our EduBackup is a solution that we have designed specifically for the education sector. Here at Gigasoft, we understand the constraints of the yearly education budgets and realise that cost is always a predominant factor in any schools planning. Therefore, our data backup solution incorporates a healthy discount structure enabling you to bring online an enterprise-level disaster recovery solution with the minimum of cost and effort. This solution has a very simple pricing structure, at the most competitive prices, just pence per gigabyte per month without any other cost. There are absolutely no extra hidden costs, you get as many backups and restores as you like. Our accounts start at 25gb and expand as much as you want or need.


The software for this educational backup service is free and comes with all of the usual plug-ins at no extra cost. You won’t need to buy hardware or storage media and you can have as many copies of the software as you like, they all back up to the same data account. Our educational backup service really is the best solution to keep your data safe at all times. 


To find out more about EduBackup and how it can benefit you and your school please don’t hesitate to contact us. Complete our online contact form providing us with your contact details and a short message regarding your requirements. We will then get back to you as soon as possible, providing you with any additional information you require about our services.