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Simple Data Backup 


Are you fed up of trying to find an easy way to back up all of your data? Here at Gigasoft, we can provide you with a variety of simple data backup solutions for all of your devices. We can backup all of your critical data from multiple sites and all of your servers, laptops and computers to a single backup account. Not only is our data backup solution incredibly easy to use but the software we use comes with all the plug-ins so that there is nothing it won’t backup.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide simple data backup solutions that are completely stress free. We know that not everyone understands computers, data and backups the way that we do and this is why we wanted to create a solution that is perfect for everyone. When choosing us for your simple data backup our installation is not only free but is also carried out by one of our highly qualified technicians so you don’t need to worry about anything. 


After the installation of our simple data backup software, all you need to do is select all of the files you wish to backup. Our software will take care of the rest, it will encrypt and compress every single file and a full offsite back-up will be made from your selected files. All of these files will then be sent to our Gigasoft offsite servers for safe storage through a Secure Socket Layer connection. From this moment onwards, a daily incremental backup will be made of all new and changed files at a time of the day determined by yourself to ensure that there is always a copy of your data available for you to restore if required. 


You can be sure that when choosing Gigasoft while our data backup solutions are simple to implement they are absolutely incredibly reliable. From the initial installation and configuration through to the daily monitoring of backups, ongoing technical support and onsite assisted restoration in the event of a disaster, our incredible team are there for you every step of the way. 

To speak to a member of our team about our simple data backup solutions and software please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us directly on 01279 465654 and we will discuss everything with you further. Our friendly experienced team will happily answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you fully understand how our services can assist you.