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Educational backup solutions


Do you want one of the highest quality educational backup solutions? Welcome to Gigasoft. Ever since we were incorporated back in 2007, we have offered each of our customer’s professional services with a no-nonsense pricing structure and a support service par excellence. When working with our team, you can rest assured that your data is encrypted locally to military grade standards and only you have the encryption key – so you know we are the company you need to contact today.


Our specialised educational backup solution is EduBackup, the perfect service that takes into consideration the constraints of the yearly education budgets. We understand that cost is always a predominant factor in any schools planning, which is why our software incorporates a healthy discount structure enabling you to bring online an enterprise-level disaster recovery solution, with minimum cost and effort. The Gigasoft network ensures the highest possible back-up performance and the highest availability- as part of our exceptional customer service guarantee. The low cost of this solution is second-to-none, as there is no need to buy backup hardware, tape storage or earmark valuable office space for a DR centre.


The Gigasoft educational backup solutions are the superior replacement for tape, cd, zip or memory stick backups, working silently and efficiently in the background. From the initial installation and configuration through to the daily monitoring of backups, ongoing technical support and assisted restoration are provided by our excellent team – as Gigasoft is there for you every step of the way. We have an outstanding reputation for our customer support and devotion, which we hold great pride in sustaining with each of the clients we work with.


We understand how important protecting data is, which is why we offer a secure online backup solution specifically for businesses and schools that need to store their valuable data offsite at reasonable rates. All of our systems are centralised, allowing you to backup all your mission-critical data from multiple sites to a single backup account. We also take our customer satisfaction reputation incredibly seriously, which is why we always ensure our clients are completely happy with their educational backup solutions.


Would you like one of the best educational backup solutions? Make sure you visit the Gigasoft website. However, if you would like to have a chat with a member of our team – give us a call on 01279 465654 or fill in the contact form on our website. Include all your relevant information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.