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Gigasoft – Who Are We?

Are you looking for a company that has more than ten years worth of experience in the world of technological support? Have you wanted to organise a business cloud backup in the UK, but been unable to source a reliable provider? Should you find yourself answering positively to either of the prior questions, you will be pleased to hear that your search has come to an end. In Gigasoft, you have a company that, since 2007, has looked to improve the existing technical protection that is had by our clients. Thanks to the top-of-the-range UK Data Centre that acts as our hub, we are pleased to be able to offer a first-class service at a competitive rate. If this appeals to you, please follow the instructions on our website’s contact page to find out more.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems

In years gone by, companies were limited to simply backing up their files on physical harddrives and other data banks; whilst there was nothing inherently wrong with this, issues could easily arise should the physical copy be lost or damaged. Thankfully, this way of operating has been slowly-but-surely phased out in recent years, in favour of cloud-based backups. Not only are these superior in terms of convenience, but their memory is significantly boosted in comparison to their out-of-date counterparts. When it comes to sourcing a company to provide you with a business cloud backup in the UK, it is hard to overlook Gigasoft as the prime candidate.

Breaking Down Our Cloud System

Although you may not realise it, business cloud backups in the UK are not complex pieces of engineering; however, this does not lessen their importance in the modern world. Due to the technology that is readily available to those with shameful intentions, hacking has become unfortunately more common amongst businesses. It is for this reason that, here at Gigasoft, we have looked to develop a safeguard, so as to drastically lessen the consequences. Our product, known simply as GigaCloud, looks to offer an off-site backup of all data that a company has. This, in itself, is a way in which to provide a disaster recovery service. Not only this, but it also makes working from remote locations significantly easier. If you go to the Gigacloud dedicated page, you will be able to gain a better insight as to what is included.

Want Something a Little Different?

Whilst it is true to say that GigaCloud, and our overall business cloud backup in the UK, is a large part of our business, it is important to stress that our company’s capabilities range far beyond this. As a company, we strive to be able to cater to all of our client’s requirements. Therefore, to us, it does not matter if you require assistance in setting up your various Office 365 systems, or are looking for someone to host your website. Thanks to our expertise within this industry, it is rare for us to encounter any limitations.