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Comprehensive Backup


Welcome to Gigasoft, as a business, we can provide you with comprehensive backup solutions for a wide range of devices. We take data backup very seriously, as one of the UK’s leading data backup and recovery specialists, we are continuously working hard to ensure our customer’s data is secure and, most importantly, recoverable in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


We have been protecting clients data since 2007 and we continue to grow from strength to strength increasing our client base throughout the UK, protecting anyone who uses a computer. When choosing to use Gigasoft for your comprehensive backup you can rest assured that your data will be 100% secure. All of your data will be stored in an encrypted state in our secure UK data centre. For added peace of mind, Gigasoft is also ISO27001 data security and protection accredited. 


We know that many people forget to backup their devices as frequently as they should do and this can cause numerous problems in unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, we ensure that our comprehensive backup solutions are scheduled automatically to run, they can backup your data for you with no human intervention needed meaning there are no human errors. We can arrange for your automatic backup to run at a specific time of day, daily, weekly or monthly, we can even arrange for it to be on the hour every hour if this is best for you. Our software will be working away silently and efficiently in the background, ensuring that you never have to worry about losing unsaved data again.











If anything was to happen and you needed to complete a disaster recovery then do not worry, we will ensure that you get back all of your important files and documents. This can happen more frequently than you may think and all you need to do is contact us immediately and a member of our experienced team will talk you through the whole process. With our comprehensive backup you know that you are prepared for any situation and that you have kept your data safe. 


You can request a free quotation for our comprehensive backup solutions by simply filling in a short form on our website today. Let us know which solution you are interested in along with how much storage you require and we will be able to provide you with an initial cost for our services. Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 01279 465654 and we look forward to assisting you with all of your data backup needs.